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Sunday, March 13, 2011


You are encouraged to consider signing up for the Spring, 2011 session of STUDIO SCHOOL classes.   The idea for the school originated when Guinever was teaching an on location course in drawing in Paris in 1992.

The classes are designed to provide education and training in art for adults (ages 16 and up).  It's the school's goal to provide the student with the experience of being an artist by working in a true artist's studio and  sometimes working on site.   Much emphasis is placed on learning various artists' approaches and techniques. Here are a list of Courses:

Please call Guinever at 502-895-0915 or email her at for more information or to make arrangements to participate in the classes.
April 18 -May 23   Monday afternoons  1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Experience painting subject matter from photographs and sketches! Students  can enlarge their photographs and Xerox them in black and white and color.  This session, students will have a choice of working from an actual site  using photorgraphs and sketches. Or, students can bring in photographs and draw from the image whcih can be of any subject matter. (still life, human figure, etc.,) All students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the photograph  and how to overcome these limitations by altering color and deleting  unnecessary detail. Your imagination is your limit!   Students from all levels are welcome.

April 19-May  24  Tuesday morinings 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This class is designed for the student who would like to have some experience painting portraits. The course will focus on two long poses of the model. One pose  will be a study of the head and the other will be a portrait with some of the figure and background.  Students will explore different color palettes  for painting portraits.
 NOTE: there is an additional $45.00 model fee for this class.

April 21- May 26
This class is for fun but focused time to develop drawing skills in a pleasant atmosphere.  We explore different media and methods.

April 16-May 21
This class is to help you develop your ability to express yourself with paint.  Instruction is geared towards your skill level, whether beginning or experienced.  Beginning students learn methods for handling color, brushmark and composition. Returning or experienced students work with more advanced approaches and subjects aimed at developing their individual  expression and vocabulary as a painter.

The fee for each individual course is $250.   Please email me at or you can
call me at (502) 895 0915  to make arrangements to take a course or if you have questions.